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Empowering Lives in Africa through medical outreaches

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting sick lives with medical supplies and health gears for well-beign.

As the world’s health care sector continues to develop, new technology and improved health care system are introduced, mortality rate has decreased significantly over the last few decades, but this does not seem to be the case for the African continent.

Infant mortality rate is on the rise, in 2020, the mortality rate amongst children under the age of 1 in Africa was around 41.6 deaths per thousand live birth. What could be the cause of the sluggish growth in the African health sector? Well, a lot of things could be pinpointed and lack of trained medical professionals is not the case as Africa has tons of medically trained professionals.


How Onwukwe Foundation help

Healthcare systems in Africa suffer from neglect and underfunding, leading to severe challenges across the six World Health Organization (WHO) pillars of healthcare delivery.
Inadequate human resources (34.29%), inadequate budgetary allocation to health (30%) and poor leadership and management (8.45%).

Health Care Treatment

Obstretric, Kidney dialysis, HTN, Diabetes mellitus, Orthopedic patients, Patients with Cancer

Medical Supplies & Equipment

Clinical Setups, Beds, Medical Equipments, Drugs, Vaccines



Housing Referral

The welfare and the future of our societies depend on our capacity to remain mobilized so as to improve the health of every mother and child.

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