Our Report So Far

In order to provide high-quality and cost-effective technological care to the medically underserved population of Africa, the Onwukwe Foundation was founded and has conducted several missions yearly to those countries especially Nigeria.

Our 2023 data reveals that a total of 3,000 patients benefited from our medical mission in Aro Free Clinic. Out of this number 2,000 patients, including children went through surgeries successfully, about 400 cartons of Anti-malaria, Anti-Typhoid drugs including other recommended drugs were administered,500 patients were in the eye clinic for treatment, we distributed free treated glasses and eye drops after a proper eye checks.

We have supported the ANPA medical mission in Abia state, Nigeria this month as a way to transfer technology expertise and resources to a medically underserved.

We have also spent hugely to improve the Aro Free clinic in Arochukwu L.G.A compromising 19 villages. The three-day holiday affected the ANPA medical mission negatively due to a lack of accommodation.




We are soliciting for your support, with your funding, we will be able to cover operational expenses such as travel costs, medical equipment, accommodation, and medical ambulance and equip a bigger healthcare clinic in Arochukwu.


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