ANP Outreach Report

January 28th to February 4th 2023
– Report collected and prepared by Dr Bellian Oteri.
The total volunteer team comprised of 8 Physicians and 1 pharmacist from the United States, 6 physicians from Enugu, 1 pharmacist from Lagos and multiple volunteers from Imo States.
On Saturday January 28th, the volunteers gathered at Imo State Specialist Hospital for a pre-mission meeting and briefing headed by the Honourable Commissioner of Health Dr Success Prosper.

Thereafter, the volunteers made a visit to The Executive Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodimma for a welcome briefing. On Sunday, January 29th, the voluntees were invited by the Executive Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma for a sunday mass at The Government House Chapel, Owerri.
Lunch and welcome ceremony followed after church service at the Governors lodge.
Service delivery started on Monday, February 30th 2023 with a briefing led by The Honourable Commissioner, Dr Success Prosper.
The Medical team was able to attend to an average of 250 patients each day. There were an average of 80 cumulative surgeries each day in various centers.
Patients received an average of three weeks doses of medications depending on diagnosis. There were an average of 22 eye surgeries each day. The number of glasses that weregiven out to patients was 97.
Pediatric physicians attended to 260 patients while the surgeons performed 70 surgeries. Surgeries performed includes but not limited to epidermal inclusion cyst, circumstitions, undescended testes, hernias etc, OBGyn physicians attended to about 150 patients and performed 80 surgeries.
Surgeries includes Myomectomies, Uterine/Rectal prolapse etc ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) attended to an average of 50 patients and performed about 10 surgeries.
The Dental team attended to about 120 patients and performed 20 surgeries.
All specialists concluded the medical mission on Friday, February 3rd except general surgeries and Gyn that continued until Monday, February 6th, 2023.


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